New features released to simplify real time feedback and agile performance management

What's new with real time feedback and agile performance management?

In the latest release of the Pay Compliment real time feedback platform we've added some major changes to simplify life for managers when continuously coaching their teams, and to help everyone regardless or role to form healthy feedback habits.

Feedback for people that you manage now accessible in your Feedback Stream

The most fundamental change we're introducing is to the Feedback Stream.  Where the Feedback Stream previously contained only your interactions of any feedback you gave, received or commented on, it now contains your interactions, plus the feedback interactions your team members are receiving too.

No longer do you need to navigate through the Organisation Structure to see team member feedback - for the moment it's still there if you go looking - but now we put it right into your feedback stream as well.

On the one hand that removes the need to navigate to a team member page, but for managers it does mean one team member's feedback is intermingled with another's and with your own, all within one consolidated Feedback Stream.  In case you want to see a person by person view of that we've extended the Feedback Stream filters and added a people filter to the existing status and template filters.

To help make it obvious what you need to attend to, the people filter displays counters for feedback you may not have seen since last signing in. We prioritize people with most new interactions since you last signed in so that they appear first in your filter.  Simply click on a person and the Feedback Stream will be filtered to show only those interactions (that you are permitted to see) involving that person.

This change to the Feedback Stream does not give anyone access to see feedback they could not see previously, it just makes it easier to see and interact around this than it was before.

Improved mobile device interface

Collapsible Feedback Network

Your Feedback Network has always been a popular feature but some people let us know that they want to see their new feedback right at the top of their feedback page without having to scroll past the feedback network. Others though, told us they love having the Feedback Network where it is because it's a super quick address book when they want to give more feedback to a coworker.  What a dilemma!

Well we're in the habit of creating a win-win platform, so we have made Your Feedback Network able to be minimized or expanded with the click of an icon. We'll remember your last setting as a preference so you don't have to minimize or expand every time you visit.

To collapse or expand Your Feedback Network simply click this icon  in the options bar. 

Introduction of Network Strength indicator

By allowing Your Feedback Network to be hidden from view, it could have made it easier for your feedback network to become stale so we have added a Network Strength indicator.  This measures the effectiveness of your feedback habits and changes dynamically day by day based upon your engagement in feedback interactions.

Read more about the Network Strength indicator here.

Slimline comment boxes

Our former comment boxes were fairly greedy when it came to available screen space and this was most noticeable on mobile devices.
Around 80% of feedback comes from mobile users and around 18% of feedback is interactive with dialogue in the comments so we wanted to make this a better experience.

Now the comment area is slimline until you decide you use it, at which time it will expand you whatever size you need so your scrolling fingers can rest up.

Introduction of navigation menu icons

On the desktop, tablet and mobile interfaces we've added icons to the navigation menu.

What started as a lightweight agile performance management platform has now become Enterprise grade, and we wanted to help people find their way around to the growing number of features in the fewest possible clicks.

We've moved the "Give Shared Feedback" option over to the menu also, so if you're in a role with access to this, it's now available from any page.

Revamped personal menu


Revamped business menu


Bug Fix

To round out the release we have fixed an intermittent issue with Your Feedback Network where some contacts were not clickable as shortcuts when you wanted to give more feedback.






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