5 tips to safely compliment a co-worker

The outrage society that modern mass media is fostering is stifling peer to peer appreciation in the workplace for fear that a misconstrued compliment will cause offense.

'Gender neutral compliments' has jumped high up in search terms that we are seeing from Google. These 5 tips for psychologically safe appreciation will help workers to appreciate their peers with confidence that they do not need to fear reprisals. [More]

Why 'going back' to the office is the wrong language and possibly the wrong choice for employee engagement

In preparing workers to go back to work after COVID-19 some workplaces are giving out negative messages about the employee experience that workers are going back to, whilst others are using language and behaviours to engage their people. What is the difference, and which kind of workplace are you leading, or working in? Our waste wheel process can help identify and embrace the change needed for workers to return to better ways of working than those they are used to. [More]