Real-time feedback shortcuts provide faster access to self-assessment, surveys and polls

Introducing Feedback Shortcuts

If you've been using Pay Compliment for real-time feedback, 360 reviews or polls and surveys for a while, you may notice something new alongside the profile picture in your menu. That's the new shortcut button that we've added to take you to any of your company self-assessment, poll and survey forms in just one click.

A new menu to speed up your reviews

To use the shortcuts, click the shortcut button and the menu will change to show all of the feedback templates that you personally have access to.

if you work for more than one company concurrently (like many gig workers and freelancers do) the templates are grouped under each company name.

Click on the feedback template you need and you'll be taken to your feedback page with that specific template pre-selected.

Where did my other menu options go?

If you've clicked the shortcut button and want to get back to your full menu, click it again. The shortcut button is a toggle, so each time you click it you will switch between the shortcuts and your standard menu options.



I don't see the same templates that I see on my Feedback and Feedback Request pages

From the shortcut menu you will only see company specific review templates that you can use for self-assessment, surveys and polls.

Default templates like the free text feedback and video feedback are not shown as shortcuts unless your company has specifically decided to include them here.

Multi-section performance review templates (or flows) that involve different roles for different types of stakeholder are excluded from the shortcut list too.

If you don't have an active business subscription you wont see the shortcut button at all as it is only available to business users.


This is fast for self-assessment, but what's the fastest way to give feedback to someone else?

There are several ways to get to someone else's feedback page so that you can contribute feedback or a review for them.

If you have an existing feedback relationship

If they are already in your feedback network, then clicking on a persons image will take you directly to their feedback page.


Making a new feedback relationship

Via search

If the person that you want to review is not someone you've exchanged feedback with before, then search for them by name, company or Feedback ID™ 

You'll see the available profiles and by clicking a profile you will get to that persons' feedback page.


Using a feedback webpage link or URL

All subscribers have a Feedback ID™ which provides a unique link to their feedback page.  If you know someones Feedback ID™ then their feedback page is in the format followed by their Feedback ID™. For example 

Some customers add this link to their corporate directory so that everyone is readily available to get the feedback that they need.

Others include it as an aspect of email signatures with feedback buttons

Example email signature link


Yet others convert their Feedback ID™ to a QR code an have this on their business card, especially as most smartphones now recognize these directly with the camera.

Example QR code link


Emailing your feedback

One last fast method to give feedback is to email it to someones feedback email address.  Again you need to know their Feedback ID™ so that you can direct your email to {feedback id} as in the example below.

Example email format using a feedback email address


There are some safeguards that we use to prevent feedback spam so the email must come from a registered email address or it will not be delivered.

We also allow editing to reformat and remove things like disclaimers that email servers often add.

Of course you may just email your feedback to the persons 'normal' email address in which case they can forward your email to their Feedback ID™ which is an excellent way to get off platform feedback into your life-long feedback stream.


That's a lot of great ways to find profiles and share your feedback, so what are you waiting for?


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