Improved tools for user administration in large enterprise

Introducing background mode

Enterprise clients need comprehensive user management features to cope with system administration at scale. That's why we have features like Bulk User Manager and Bulk Profile Picture management.

These make it super easy to add, remove and modify user details and teams.

It is a simple matter of exporting from your HR Management System or existing Pay Compliment configuration, using a single spreadsheet to edit where necessary, and then importing updated information into Pay Compliment.

Until now, this also meant keeping an eye on the process to check the file validation, review the preview results and approve the updates. That might have had you staring into space for a while! 

Today that's all changed with the introduction of background mode.

Background mode allows you to go and do something else whilst your updates are processing, with email notifications to let you know where things are up to.

You can now choose to stay online to see progress as it happens, or to leave your desk and receive an email notification when your update is complete.


No stress administration

Managing hundreds of thousands of employees could be stressful with the potential for bulk actions to activate, deactivate or change reporting lines en-masse.

That kind of stress wouldn't be good! With the update wizard, you are guided every step of the way and prevented from making errors by comprehensive validation and preview mode so you can review intended changes before any updates are made.

Automatic housekeeping

Alongside these improvements to user administration, we've also introduced auto-housekeeping for users who have left your organisation.
Any outstanding feedback requests, 360 review contributions, or employee surveys involving ex-employees will be skipped or terminated as appropriate.
Not only does this keep the system tidy, it also means your people analytics (such as engagement) are not distorted by out of date audience counts.

Not forgetting the little guys

Small organisations can still manage users one by one, or using the bulk import screen prompts in just the same way as before, making Pay Compliment a perfect fit for Performance Management, Feedback and Surveys no matter how large or small your team.


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