Agile HR: Choose the short stay car park as our journey to Agile Performance Management ends.

You've built an agile organisation.
What now?

If you've been following our Journey to Agile Performance Management, firstly thank you and secondly congratulations we have reached our destination (for now).

Over a series of 16 blog posts we have covered the challenges that organisations face, and the techniques to overcome them, when moving from traditional methods of performance assessment, objective setting, employee motivation and measurement to the new paradigm of adaptive, situational and personalised leadership.

Yet as we begin 2018 the most important thing to take from our journey is that it never really ends.

We can only park in the short stay car park, to pause and measure the impact of changes made, and then to look ahead to see where the next horizon in performance management, employee engagement and motivation lies.

What’s coming next?


According to a new McLean & Company survey, HR’s number one priority in 2018 is Culture. More specifically how to turn culture into your competitive advantage. 

We have talked about how to measure the degree to which your people model values and how this can help to reinforce your desired culture.

Expect to see more from us regarding ways to measure culture and how to action what you find when there is a gap between the culture you want and the culture you have.


The McLean & Company report finds the second area of raised focus for HR in 2018 is improving HR Infrastructure. 

The greatest challenges here according to those surveyed are cost of systems, the challenge of systems implementation, and the integration of different systems. 

This says to us that HRTech companies are clinging to the good old days of lengthy implementations and high consulting fees.

We’ve designed Pay Compliment to sit beside your HRIS because we know how hard it is to change.

From the outset we’ve been mindful of technical challenges leading us to provide a platform that has

  •  low subscription fees
  •  no lock in contract so you can move on and off Pay Compliment as it suits your business
  •  rapid implementation so there is no long lead time, large service or capital cost to implement
  •  self-service configuration so there are no ongoing costs to change and adapt the system for your brand, your approach, or the needs of different regions and business areas
  •  single sign on, so your people don’t need to remember a new username and password or even sign in to the application
  •  data exports so that all of your information is portable into other systems such as AI tools
  •  an API so that you (or we) can integrate into your systems if you choose

If you’re aiming to keep moving forward with culture, look for these features in all solutions you consider. Otherwise face being locked in to systems that you quickly outgrow as your organisation and people demand more enablement from HR and less red tape.

The world of HR Technology is evolving fast with Artificial Intelligence, HR Analytics, Chatbots, and so on vying for attention. It’s more important now than ever not to lock in, or persist with legacy HR technology.

Employee centricity

Interestingly we are seeing other platforms join the paradigm of employee centricity and lifelong access. Examples are Degreed for learning and LiveHire for career pathing/planning where Pay Compliment is centered on Feedback and Performance Achievement.

Learning and Development

In the realm of Learning and Development a doubling in use of Micro-learning is forecast in 2018 (short lessons delivered in the moment or just in time for the individuals need).

A slight decline in coaching and a slight decline in peer to peer learning are projected.

We see feedback as the signal that either explicitly or through analysis spotlights what type of learning and development in needed. We agree that in-the-moment learning is the way things are moving. We have plans in this direction in 2018 so watch out for news of how we intend to make strength based feedback even more actionable in the moment.

Overnight Parking

Of course after a significant journey, you may feel exhausted.

All of your good work to become agile could be undone if your people are suffering from change fatigue.

To be agile you must balance the need to continuously adapt with the need to avoid fatigue.

Keep the platform, change the way you use it

We’ve had a focus on how to prevent change fatigue and yet still keep up the momentum of change.

The way we solve this is through the highly flexible template model that underpins the Pay Compliment platform.

Think of this like having a multifunction printer, scanner and photocopier all-in-one. Instead of having to learn how to use 3 different machines each for only one purpose you go to this device for all your needs.. Similarly, unlike traditional single purpose software, when it comes to performance management and employee interaction we offer 7 different modes of interaction through one intuitive user experience.

This means that whilst you may initially implement Pay Compliment for 360 reviews, you can later offer real time feedback, or you might start with an employee engagement survey and move into frequent pulse surveys.   It’s up to you where you start, how far you go and how fast you move.

The ways that you push and pull information between leadership and your people is able to continually adapt. This all takes place within the same platform using the same features that your people have become accustomed to and this means that

  • Your return on investment is very high
  • Your data for employee performance interactions is all in the same place with built in analytics
  • You can implement initiatives quickly (usually in minutes) with a new template for your needs
  • Your people have the voice they need to do their best work every day

Most of our customer have started with one form of performance management model and expanded to add more.

With thousands of users across the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand we have been excited to traverse the changing performance management landscape with our clients.

We believe our mission to turn everyday observations into better performance is on track, and that our plans for our 2018 roadmap will help our users perform even better.

If you would like to learn more about creating an agile performance management culture, please get in touch with us to learn about our approach, our platform and how we can help.

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