10 employee engagement survey questions to give you new insight

Our friends at Intelivate create great leadership content and we particularly liked this set of 10 employee engagement questions to use for your next employee engagement survey.

The questions are listed here, and you can read more about the rationale for each of them in this post on the Intelivate blog.

  1. What is your favorite success story from this week/month?
  2. What does a happy workplace culture look like to you?
  3. Which quality was displayed by a colleague this week that you’d like to cultivate yourself?
  4. What kind of impact do you have on people around you?
  5. Tell me how I can be a better leader?
  6. If you were to start a company from scratch, what values would you build it on?
  7. Which opportunities for learning new skills have you recently pursued away from the office?
  8. If you could ask anyone to help you become your ideal self, who would it be and what would they teach you?
  9. What is the one thing about our product or service that you would improve?
  10. Which organizational value would you like to improve upon?

Now you could copy paste these into a document or spreadsheet, send a request to everyone to fill this out and return it, remind, remind, remind, then collate all the responses.

You could pay for a survey tool, learn how to use it or pay for consultancy, then find you need to pay more to download your data or access nice reports.

Or you could take advantage of the pre-configuration we have done, run your survey for free, see trends and patterns in the analytics and freely download your data using the simple steps below.

How to run your employee engagement survey for free

Step 1

Go to www.paycompliment.com and using the big pink Register button, complete the registration form.

Make sure to tick the checkbox to start a free Business trial.

No credit card is needed for the trial and you'll have 30 days to get your survey done.

You'll get an email asking you to activate your profile. This is free to do, click the button to activate and set your password.

Step 2

Your menu includes the option to manage feedback templates.

Choose that, and if you want to use the employee engagement survey as-is, click the word Public beside the Intelivate Engagement Survey and tick the enabled box, otherwise copy the template and edit the copy to make any changes you want.

Step 3 (Optional, you don't need to do this, but it makes everything better!)

Add your business branding by choosing Organisation Profile from the menu.

Add a banner image and email setting that will be used in the survey invitation emails generated in step 4.

Step 4

From the Feedback Request menu, click the +New Request button.

Fill out the form by 

a) Clicking "Try bulk upload" and pasting a list of first name, last name, and email addresses into the panel that appears - one person per line.

b) Checking below that each email has been validated with a green tick

c) Complete a subject for the survey and add a message that will be sent to the invitation list in email

d) Selecting the Intelivate Engagement Survey as the template to be used

That's it .... you can now initiate your employee engagement survey by clicking "Request Feedback" which will send an email to each participant.

Keeping track 

Once your request is sent you can keep track of responses and manage the process from the Feedback Request list.

From here you will see green ticks appear against respondents as they complete the survey.

Using the options on the right, you can send reminders to anyone who has not yet responded (we work that out for you) and ultimately close off the survey window by "forcing next section" when time is up or sufficient responses have been received.

In addition, every 7 days if you have not sent a reminder we will send one for you.


When you close off your employee engagement survey, you will have access to reporting dashboards that provide an analysis of the survey responses.

You can filter these and drill down into them to summarize the information you collect.

In addition you can download all of the survey data in a spreadsheet that is very easy to turn into your own charts and tables.

What's the catch?

Why do we support employee engagement surveys for free, when every other purpose build survey platform charges the earth for them?

That comes back to our mission to "turn every day observations into better performance". 

To do that we think surveys are an excellent start. For them to have impact you need to show you've taken action with continuous listening through ongoing pulse surveys, open peer to peer feedback, and scheduled coaching conversations.

By experiencing the simplicity and power of our platform, we believe you wont want to give that up when your survey is complete and your trial comes to an end.
At that time Pay Compliment is a very economical solution for ongoing engagement of your people through agile performance management and real time feedback.

If you have budget for an employee engagement survey and don't want to do it on your own

Whilst we've shown the mechanics of your employee engagement survey are very simple and you can manage this on your own, there are several reasons you may opt for paid support. We are here for you if you need help with survey design, advanced reporting and segmentation, interpretation of results, generation of action plans, benchmarking or other employee engagement support.

Simply get in touch for a no obligation discussion of what you need. We look forward to it.



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